UPWard Orthodontic Services, Houghton, Michigan

UPWard Orthodontic Services, Houghton, Michigan

Proudly serving Houghton, Hancock, and the Keweenaw Peninsula since 2021

Why UPWard Ortho: minimally-invasive, focused on healthy growth and development

“We treat the people attached to the teeth!”

Dr. Darin and his team provide a highly specialized approach to orthodontics that is focused on preventing invasive procedures, such as extractions, headgear or surgery. The UPWard Ortho approach combines different techniques and types of orthodonture to help patients achieve beautiful smiles, and also to address critical life-long health issues with a holistic view of proper facial growth and development and proper oral rest posture.

At UPWard Ortho, we know from experience that every patient is different, and you can be sure that Dr. Ward will provide you with a specialized treatment plan that fits your specific needs, symptoms, and goals.

What you can expect from your personalized treatment plan, and your first appointment:

Houghton / Hancock Orthodontic Services:

Whether treating Kids, Teens, or Adults, Dr. Ward draws upon a range of treatments and the experience of treating THOUSANDS of patients to develop your specialized treatment plan. UPWard Ortho Services can include:

  • Non-extraction, non-retractive treatment alternatives
  • Prevention-focused “postural orthodontics” including frenulum revision, nutritional counseling, general and oral postural training, breathing training,.
  • Orthotropic facial growth guidance treatments like arch development with minimally invasive appliances, clear-aligners, or TAD-assisted therapies.
  • Conventional orthodontic services including braces, clear aligner therapy, and management of TMJ symptoms.

At UPWard Ortho, we respect patient autonomy and strive to help folks make a decision in light of ALL their treatment options, including no treatment! Developing relationships with “the human beings attached to the teeth,” including the patients, families, and referring doctors, is what we love most!

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